Kraftig Desk with Walnut

Indoor and Outdoor Benches

Steel and Walnut and Steel and Concrete

Wine Bar

Shelving Unit

steel plate for shelves with 1″ and 2″ walnut uprights. some kind of stone/rock for base

Customer Photo

Desk of Walnut and Thick Steel

My Favorite Kanso Bed Picture

Kanso Shelving Units

Kraftig Style Early Century Bed Queen Size


Vertical Grain

Customer Photo of Kanso Hi Fi Unit

Large Kanso Bench

Kraftig Bunk Beds

Putting some hip into hippie. Bunk Beds for a hostel remodel. 

Kraftig Plank Bench

Kraftig Plank Bed

Using a variety of walnut shorts to make an attractive headboard design. 

Kanso Bench – Customer Photo

Kanso Hi Fi Station

Turntable on the top. Power in the Middle. LPs on the bottom. Steel and 1″ Walnut.



Kanso Bed

The new things made of hand crafted 1″ walnut and steel accents are to be called Kanso which I think is a good word for describing what I’m trying to achieve. The bed is now ready for sale.

Getting Smart

a bar for the showroom

The Good Bed

3 Tier Shelving Unit in Steel and Walnut

Wine Rack in Steel and Leather

Platform Bed in Steel and Walnut

Kraftig Bed Variation

An Eastern King Kraftig Bed done in the Early Century Bed style with the footboard below the mattres

Bench of Steel and Walnut

Kraftig Dining Table

As shown 80x42x33 More info here

Kraftig End Tables

A Good Bed

King Kraftig Bed with Cedar

Rolling Kitchen Cart

Custom Kraftig Headboard

Walnut with Cherry Stripe Kraftig Bed




Silver and Black Kraftig Bed

Early Century Bed with Larger Tubing

A customer requested the Early Century Bed but with the larger 2×3 black tube. $1600

Storage and Serving Unit for Drinks

Bottles on the top. Stemware hangs below the top unit. Counter for mixing. Storage below. $1200


Kraftig Bed with Cherry Headboard

New Table Designs

Playing with dims and materials for a coffee table, console and side tables including the silver 1×2 tube and the walnut.




New Delia Sign

I love my new sign and it’s so much cheaper than what people pay for simple laminated jobs. You can laser cut out a logo and any font you want. I put 3″ strap around each letter to add a 3-D quality. I let the sides rust to accent this thickness. The arrow will have some hand painted lettering applied. Love to make more. 10′x4′ $700 estimate

Kraftig Twin Beds

Twins. Steel and Walnut in the Kraftig style. $1600 for the set. More here

Quantum Dingle Console

I like the shooting lines of the rod. To me they look like the images of sub atomic particles. 14x50x30 $600

Kraftig End Table

Nice Proportions. 24x24x20. $400

Fun Stuff

Making fun things from left overs:


The New Bed King Size

Silver 1×2 tube frames 1″ thick walnut. King size. $1400 click here for more

Canopy Wood Grain Bed

Put a canopy on the wood grain bed.

A New Bed Design

I like the idea that this design includes a foot board but it’s not in front of the mattress. The dims are 10″ off the ground + 10″ mattress = 20″ sleep level. Headboard is 40″. The mattress is resting on 3/8th finished plywood. A center support with a foot runs from the head to the foot board. The tube is 1″x2″ and the wood is 1″ thick walnut. Estimated price is $1200 for a queen. $1400 for a King.

Custom Music Stand

For a choral conductor a custom music stand. The top is larger to hold big sheet music. Note the two spirals knobs which adjust either the height or the angle of the face. $300

Happy Size for a King Bed

I can see it with my eye but perhaps not so good in this picture. What I’m trying to convey is the harmony of proportions in this Eastern King Bed. It just looks right.

Kraftig Bed With Teak

A platform bed using the Kraftig tube and farm managed teak. $1400 queen size

New Night Stand

A design I have done before using the larger Kraftig size tube and walnut. This time with the smaller silver tube. Stay tuned for much more of this look. A bed needs to be made.

Walnut and Steel Cube Tables

Nothing wildly creative about them but it is a good look. 20x20x20 steel tube frame base with 1″ thick walnut top. $500

Steel Panel Bed

The subtle color variations on the hard reflective steel surface can be hard to capture. This is a good picture for story telling.

Twig Tables with Walnut Tops

2″ thick solid walnut upon steel Twig style bases. Coffee Table $500  Side Tables/Stools: $175


Grocery Display Fixture

For Fishpeople Seafood 50 custom display fixtures for maximum retail exposure. To build: 1600 hand bent spirals welded onto 800 plates attached to 50 stands.

Kraftig Coat Stand

A coat stand of steel and 1″ thick round circles of walnut. $350


Steel Panel Bed Customer Photo

I love when people send me beautiful pictures of the work.

Reed Consoles in Walnut and Cedar

No such thing as scrap. Left over wood from beds makes new console tables. $350

Park Bench

Kraftig in Color

The kraftig steel frame painted in a cream color using the Tennessee cedar for the headboard.

Kraftig Coffee Table

Custom coffee table in Kraftig style. 28x60x19 $600

Tendril Shelf Unit on Casters

Custom Tendril Shelf Unit With Locking Casters. $900

Tea Trolley

I love it when customers send me pictures of the work in their homes.

Garden Furniture

A friend who does high end concrete counter tops has given me a collection of his old color samples. They are squares and rectangles and 2″ thick. I’m putting bases on them and suggesting they be used as occasional tables in the garden.

Spring Flowers

Work Table

Normally I don’t post these projects because it’s not my design but built for a friend, who brought the design idea, and thought it turned out rather nice. 1×2 tube oxidized and waxed with a 1/8″ thick steel plant on the top. 50″ x 80″ x 30″ high  $1200

Classy Kraftig Bed

Another version of the Kraftig Bed. This queen size built with a silver colored tube frame. Classy.

Another Kraftig Bed

In the same way a biologist will document the finding of every variation of a new species so I am going to keep posting every Kraftig Bed. So far, each has been unique in proportion and scale and as Ronnie Z Man Barzell said; “This is my happening and it freaks me out!”.

Ivy Bed

I’ve tinkered around with this design for a while. Mostly looking at textile patterns for inspiration on how to shape the rods. This is a custom version for a client. Alterations welcome. Follow this link for more info:

A New Bed Design

This was a happy accident. A sheet of galvanized steel was accidently shipped to the studio and it seemed like a great material for a new bed design. Framed with a 1″ square black tube. Feels clean and smart. If I had a celebrity spokesperson or 2 for the bed it would be Marcello Mastroianni and Capucine. Follow the link for details and more pictures:

Console Table with Glass and Steel

Another piece using the Blenko glass blocks. Good colors.  $400

Shop Class

Members of the Delia Junior Welders Club

A New Bed Project

A happy accident. A client ordered a material that ended up going unused and wallah, a new bed. Black tube surrounds galvanized sheet. The icon on the headboard is shown here as a tree branch but the final image is yet to be determined. Send in good suggestions or request.

Breakfast Table of Steel and Glass

A custom table for a client’s breakfast nook. A pretty way to start the day.

Dingle Canopy Bed

Here is a full/double version of the Dingle Canopy bed. The Canopy is a bit lower because the client is young girl. The 2 cross supports on the frame are not shown. $950 This link will provide more

Custom Square Spiral Coffee Table

I thought that this custom version of the Spiral Coffee Table turned out nicely. The steel tops react differently to the oxidation process and everything from the chemical composition of the steel to the temperature alters the outcome. Lucky day.  36″ x 36″ x 20″ high ($500)

Kraftig Bed #1

Another example of the Kraftig bed. It’s made from salvaged 2×3 tube which means it’s weathered. The head and footboard are steel plate oxidized to highlight natural variations within the material. Cleaned and sealed with wax. The more I make this the more I like it. $1300. Follow this link to see more images and purchase:

Simple Side Table

A pair of side tables that will be used as night stands alongside a king size Dingle Bed. Nice shape for getting up high which is useful for lamps. $200

Boy Playing with Blocks

I am enjoying myself. Another table made from glass block and steel. This time a 2×3 salvaged tube with a rich matte black color contrasted with blocks of blue and amber. $400.

King Canopy Steel Panel Bed

Table of Steel and Glass

Another table made with Blenko glass billets. This time using new tube. I like the idea of these being patio tables but this one is definitely nice enough for indoors. $400

Shop Class

Mixing it up with a dozen boys from the Catlin Gabel School.

Ivy Bed Grows

Salvaged Steel Tube and Glass Blocks

The glass blocks in these tables are stunning in the sunlight and therefore I suggest that is where they go.

Table of Glass and Steel

This table is made with tube and holds 2 thick blocks of glass. Beautiful in the sun light and why I suggest they go on the patio.

Steel Panel Bed Twin Size

Twin Size Version of Steel Panel Bed. $500

A Console of Steel and Walnut

Matching Console Table to go with the Cubes. ($300)

Cubes of Steel and Salvaged Walnut

The First of the New Work 2011

Bed of Wood Blocks

For years I have been saving little 1″ x 1″ x 6″ or 8″ wood blocks that were attached as supports under some wood table tops that I bought in the hundreds. Here is what they look like when layered together to form a solid headboard. It sold immediately and now the trick is to find more.

Custom Wood and Steel Side Tables

These are to be paired up with the Kraftig Bed listed below. The tops are African mahogany and the bases are 2 x 3 inch salvaged tube steel. cost: $200 each.

Kråftig Bed

A customer requested a combination of the Steel Panel Bed built with salvaged 3×2 inch tube in an Eastern King size for use w/o a box spring. The result is this fantastic effort that says to me that if you have to ask how much it weighs you shouldn’t be buying it. $1300 plus $200 shipping.

Custom Pot Rack

What kind of pot rack fits into an eclectic decor with a touch of arts & craft? Hopefully this one. 42″ x 15″ $250

A Console of Steel and Walnut

Matching Console Table to go with the Cubes. ($300)

Custom Pot Rack

What kind of pot rack fits into an eclectic decor with a touch of arts & craft? Hopefully this one. 42″ x 15″ $250

Custom Pot Rack

It’s so wonderful when customers send in pictures of one of our custom projects. I love seeing it in it’s proper setting.

Rolling Twig Shelving Unit

A shelving unit made of steel plates that have been oxidized to accentuate the warm accents with uprights of steel rod. On clear casters. 21″ x 21″ x 75″  ($500) custom sizing available

Patio Set of Steel and Concrete

A custom 36″ round table with two butterfly style chairs and two stools. Lovely and light looking but sturdy and rugged enough to brave the Oregon elements. ($800)

Wedding Cake Display

This is something I would like to do on a grand scale. But this turned out rather nice for a first effort. It’s a table top display for a wedding cake. $200 estimate for this level of complexity.

Tendril Shelving Unit

Putting a new coat of paint on the original showroom space and building new fixtures. Have sold this exisiting piece to a lovely gallery owner who has been eyeballing it for years. Posting here for future reference. The top two tiers are built as one unit and it bolts to the larger bottom tier. All 3 could be separate. Could do more shelves at different heights. Great use of corner space. $200 per tier (ball park ish)

Growing Seeds Play Structure

Trees forts, a castle and a bridge. The new Growing Seeds school/daycare playground is a wonderful blend of good design and the simple fun of being a child. Delia was glad to join in. 

Installation at the Nines Hotel Portland

Have wanted to get a hold of a decent photo of Ivan McLean’s work at the Nines Hotel. You can see here the bronze piece on the corner and its sister just over the wall in the distance. He is also responsible for the lit glass wall pieces and the panels of carved wood that are mounted above the line of lamps. Even with the quality photo the strength of the work is allusive. Solve the problem by having a drink in the bar and checking it out in person.  

Glass Sculpture Display

A custom size display piece for a series of glass objects. Two sizes.

Table Set Caddy

A prototype for a caddy used to deliver small plates and silverware to a table. 

Menu Display

A table top unit for display of a local restaurant’s menu and cooking class schedule.

Cafe/Display Table

Based upon the same butterfly leg design as the mushroom table this larger version makes an excellent little cafe table suitable for a breakfast pantry or a versatile retail display table. The top has been oxidized and finished to accentuate the natural steel elements. 30″ x 30″ high  $250. 

Round Coffee/Display Table

This is a larger version (36″) of a table we build regularly that is UPS friendly. Though not easily shippable through UPS it is much better for display purposes and makes a great statement piece for a living room. The top has been oxidized to accentuate the natural elements of the steel. $300

Sequoiadendron giganteum Wine Rack

We make a wine bonsai, a bush, a tree and a sequoia. What do I call the biggest wine rack of them all? If you own a restaurant, a winery, a wine store or you like to brag in your giant house than this is for you. Holds more bottles than I can easily count. 30 plus. And stands about 7 feet high. $300 for this version.

Tables Base

Delia makes so many simple things that I forgot to document because they don’t show our virtuoso quality. But this piece is so simple and so good that I think it is worth posting. The angle iron frame makes a good looking and cost effective way to create tables, counters, display pieces and anything else you can think of.

A Desk for Ceasar

I was watching the epic 1963 Cleopatra when I saw a map table used by Rex Harrison’s Ceasar and I thought it would make a heck of an office desk. Here is a Delia version of Imperial Roman furniture.










A Desk for Ceasar

I was watching the epic 1963 Cleopatra when I saw a map table used by Rex Harrison’s Ceasar and I thought it would make a heck of an office desk. Here is a Delia version of Imperial Roman furniture.










Print Display Stand

A free standing display rack for prints of various sizes.                                     


Spinning Display Rack

This piece is designed to hold music CDs for a store in Seattle. But it also can hold greeting cards, books and other pieces. Of course it can be customized for your needs. Its spins and looks much better than commercial displays which cost nearly as much. ($400)






















Screen Printing on Steel

These are hang tags we made for our outdoor concrete furniture. We can screen print on metal. Does that give you sign ideas??????

Ivan McLean Sculpture at the Springbox Gallery

The Springbox Gallery has relocated to 2234 NW 24th Ave Portland. Here are images of several Ivan McLean pieces in the new space. If you are in the neighborhood check it out.  
































Simple Sign Suggestions

Here are two simple signs made for our Delia building. One is large hand cut steel letters mounted on a rod. It is about five years old and has never been maintained. The second is made with smaller hand cut letters mounted onto a piece of stainless steel. Both are good ways to make a striking sign on a budget. Delia makes dynamite signs. 



















Display Shelves

Two Free Standing Display Shelves. Useful in either commercial or residential applications.

Custom Tulip Stand

This large five foot plus version of the Tulip Stand is a custom fixture for a local client. A beautiful way to store books, cds, cards, vhs, dvds and more in the home, office or commercial local. Nicely versatile in that it goes against a wall or free stands with access from 360 degrees. 


These are a few of the pieces of railing for an outdoor eating area at a Northern California restaurant. The rail is composed of reed like rods and palm shaped cutouts. There are also several swinging gates. The rail is here shown standing on several supporting plates. It will be mounted about 12 inches into the ground. The color is an oxidized steel with two layers of clear powder coating applied. Proper images to post here once installed. Please call for custom quotes.

Shippable Shelving Unit

The large shevling unit made for the local wine tasting room has drawn a lot of attention. To accomodate shipping we made a version in segments. The single and double shelf pieces are sold individually. One can arrange and mount to create an organic and functional look. Shipping is very effecient.

Multiple Twig Stools Working as Display Pedestals

Like the title says, here is a group of Twig Stools made in various heights to work as eye catching pedestal tables.

Outdoor Sign

Delia makes outdoor signs. Any font. Each letter is laster cut. 30″ high. 3 inches thick. Face of each letter is painted. The sides are left untreated and will weather creating a nice sense of depth. Looks fantastic in person.

Wine Bar is a great outfit here in Portland. To supplement their online sales they built a clubhouse for friends and customers to hang out and drink wine. We made their fixtures including the wall mount bottle shelves and this bar. The bar is a reed design with a copper sheeted top. Copper nails secure the top and make an interesting perimeter design. Ages well.

Reed Style Shelving Unit

Here is a shelving unit we tossed together for office use. One of the easiest to build and one of the nicest to look at. Lots of versatility in sizes possible.

Display Table with Garden Elements

Pictured below is a table for use as a display for a local retailer. The center is about two inches deep and in this case will hold white beach sand. Would love to see with rocks, grass and moss as well. You can see the caulk to prevent leaks. 31″ high 45″ round


Jewelry Case #1

We have been asked repeatedly to build jewelry cases and have done dozens. Almost all have been locally delivered. Here is our first attempt to build one that is sized to be functional and shippable. Estimate cost: $450. Estimate Shipping in USA: $50.

20″ x 20″ x 36″ height
Wheels could be added.
Materials: Steel, Glass, Wood

Custom sizes available. Call for details.





Making Post Card Display Racks From Scrap

Like the title says, 20 minutes and some left over bits and pieces to make post card holders for displays about town.


Tendril Style Display Rack

A functional display rack with 20″ round glass shelves. We’re not bright enough to make this shippable/Knock Down, but we are working on it. Height and shelf sizes can be customized. $400 estimate w/o glass.


Quilt Rack and more

Here is a piece we made for use as a Quilt Rack. But no reason you couldn’t use it for other things such as scarves, sheets of wraping paper, towels, Inter Continental Middle Weight Wrestling Championship Belts. Easy also to expand where more rungs are added with each one being a little farther out than the one above. That way you could have rows of ….(stuff listed above)

Now pictured with customer’s lovely quilt.



Serving Stand for Tea

A local Yoga Studio wanted a stand to put their hot water machine and tea cups on and this is what we came up with. Doesnt have to be for tea or a yoga studio, we’re flexible. HA! get it?


Tree Thing that Holds Stuff

I really dont know what this is. It was a customer’s request and her idea was to put lights on it. Its like a 4′ Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Maybe more pokey. But it does look kinda neat and you could do some things with it. Thought somebody might get an idea.


Wall Shelf with Dingles

I sold this so fast out of the showroom I never had a chance to take a decent picture. I think you can get the idea. One row of screws down center. Tendrils and Dingles. Easy to imagine the custom variations. And potentially shippable.


Ivan Mclean Sculpture

Here is one of Ivan’s newer pieces. I think the photo is a little blurred because he took the shot from the inpool bar.


Dingle Display Rack

Here is a nice free standing shelf unit. Wood Shelves. Lots of Dingles. Pretty Tendrils.

A lovely restaurant bath

Here are a few photos a lovely steel and tile sink and mirror set that Kendall LeCompte created for a local restaurant. Please call for pricing.

Wall Unit for Wine Bottles

This piece is a solid span. About 8 feet wide. Could be made in sections for shipping. Under each shelf is a pair of parallel rods where a screw can be used for mounting. This system means you dont have to line up a screw hole with a stud. Looks pretty.

A Bench in the Park

Here is one of two benches we are making for a large mall in California. What is different about this is that it curves inward and that there are no ends. I put the photo with Delia’s #1 production king Jeff in to show you how large they are.


Ivan McLean’s Bench for Children’s Playground

Ivan made this bench for the Chapman School Playground.

Smaller Corner Shelving Unit

Here is a corner shelving unit for wall mounting. Shown as 16″ deep 33″ high. Mounts via bracket under top shelf. Custom sizes available. Great use of space. Call for pricing.


This piece comes in three sections. Could be more. The round plates function as shelving. In this case, for shoes. There are also hooks to hang from. Can be used as a screen, a room divider, display or all. $525.


Jewelry Cases

Here are two other Display Cases. Drawer slides out. Wheels. $750 20x30x36 high

Shelving Brackets

These are the same shelves that we have made for our trade shows for years. They are super functional. Any width. Any Height. Shelf can be glass, wood, metal. Brackets easily mount to wall. We do not supply shelf material. Brackets sold in pairs. Great for making use of every inch of store space.

Wine Bottle Diplay/Storage Unit with a Shelf

Here we remade the large storage unit with a serving shelf. This makes it better for home use. The other one was made for retail store.


Here is the first of many to post in the coming weeks. Reed display console. any size. Notice little nifty bramble bread basket on top. Perfect little bowl for things.displayreedconsole.jpg

Wine Bottle Diplay/Storage Unit

Twig Style. Bottles across the top for display or bragging. 6-9 glasses below. Lots more bottles below. Could be made with shelf below glasses to use as serving counter. Height and other sizes can be customized.

Heart Shelf Unit

This is a custom shelf rack. Notice the little pieces that stick off the posts. A piece of glass rests on them for the shelving. Hearts not required.HeartShelvingUnit.jpg

A Supermarket Daisy

Its hard to tell from the picture but this is a 30 FOOT Daisy that was made for a nice local grocer. Daisy.jpg

A Bike Rack

Delia makes a bike rack.
Bike Rack.jpg

Wine Glass Storage

We call this the Wine Branch.

Racks for Hanging Things

Two Free Standing Racks. Sorry about the lousy picture quality. The rolling one has a piece of glass on the top for shelving.

Jewelry Cabinets

These are custom jewelry cabinets made for galleries here on the West Coast. They have glass tops. Some have sliding glass in the front. Some have drawers that slide forward. Wheels can be added for mobility. Taller ones can have small lights inserted into the top for better illumination. Sizes and other variations all done to customer’s request.

Counter Top Display Racks

Here are a few displays that we made for our trade show booth. They work well for the hand made glass wine corks and the napkin rings. But it easy to imagine a wider range of applications such as jewelry and clothing. Each can be made to spin.

Card Display Rack

This is a table top card rack display. There are a variety of motifs used to hold the cards. They can be held upright or horizontal. Various sizes available. Floor version very nice. Each tier spins independently.

Chandelier For Wine Glass and ?

This compact unit hangs many glasses. Rods in an S pattern link it to ceiling mount.

Corner Shelving Unit

To maximize use of space for a corner in our showroom we build this. Each tier can be built indepently. Tendrils give it a growing out of the wall look. Custom sizes available.

Display Fixtures

Please return soon to see this section. It will be a growing collection of store and restaurant fixtures.